2013 PWC Canadian Gay Curling Championships

Dates: 04/25/2013 - 04/28/2013
Host Club: Mayflower Curling Club


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Thursday, April  25, 2013

Draw 3
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
CGCC A1Mayflower Curling Club5:30 PM2 Aaron Thompson (8) vs. Curtis Clark (5)
CGCC A2Mayflower Curling Club5:30 PM3 David Hall (10) vs. Kyra Hansen (3)
CGCC A3Mayflower Curling Club5:30 PM4 Scott Harcourt (7) vs. Joel Marcon (4)
CGCC A4Mayflower Curling Club5:30 PM5 Sylvain Bellavance (9) vs. Lee Mantha (3)
Draw 4
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
CGCC A5Mayflower Curling Club7:45 PM2 Stephen Schneider (8) vs. Rod Ingram (6)
CGCC A6Mayflower Curling Club7:45 PM3 Tony Weingartshofer (4) vs. David McKillop (5)
CGCC A7Mayflower Curling Club7:45 PM4 Joey Taylor (11) vs. Randy Brookes (1)
CGCC A8Mayflower Curling Club7:45 PM5 Daniel Parent (9) vs. Jan Schmitz (2)

Friday, April  26, 2013

Draw 6
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
CGCC B1Mayflower Curling Club8:00 AM2 Curtis Clark (9) vs. Kyra Hansen (1)
CGCC B2Mayflower Curling Club8:00 AM3 Joel Marcon (6) vs. Lee Mantha (3)
CGCC B3Mayflower Curling Club8:00 AM4 Rod Ingram (7) vs. Tony Weingartshofer (9)
CGCC B4Mayflower Curling Club8:00 AM5 Randy Brookes (11) vs. Jan Schmitz (0)
Draw 7
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
CGCC A9Mayflower Curling Club10:15 AM5 Aaron Thompson (7) vs. David Hall (0)
CGCC A10Mayflower Curling Club10:15 AM3 Scott Harcourt (5) vs. Sylvain Bellavance (6)
CGCC A11Mayflower Curling Club10:15 AM4 Stephen Schneider (2) vs. David McKillop (1)
CGCC A12Mayflower Curling Club10:15 AM2 Joey Taylor (7) vs. Daniel Parent (3)
Draw 9
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
CGCC B5Mayflower Curling Club3:15 PM5 Curtis Clark (4) vs. Scott Harcourt (5)
CGCC B6Mayflower Curling Club3:15 PM4 David Hall (5) vs. Joel Marcon (4)
CGCC B7Mayflower Curling Club3:15 PM3 Tony Weingartshofer (9) vs. Daniel Parent (0)
CGCC B8Mayflower Curling Club3:15 PM2 David McKillop (6) vs. Randy Brookes (9)
Draw 10
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
CGCC A13Mayflower Curling Club6:00 PM4 Aaron Thompson (8) vs. Sylvain Bellavance (6)
CGCC A14Mayflower Curling Club6:00 PM3 Stephen Schneider (4) vs. Joey Taylor (7)
Draw 11
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
CGCC B9Mayflower Curling Club8:15 PM3 Scott Harcourt (2) vs. David Hall (4)
CGCC B10Mayflower Curling Club8:15 PM4 Randy Brookes (6) vs. Tony Weingartshofer (10)

Saturday, April  27, 2013

Draw 12
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
CGCC B11Mayflower Curling Club8:00 AM3 Stephen Schneider (7) vs. David Hall (2)
CGCC B12Mayflower Curling Club8:00 AM4 Sylvain Bellavance (3) vs. Tony Weingartshofer (6)
CGCC C1Mayflower Curling Club8:00 AM5 Kyra Hansen (3) vs. David McKillop (7)
CGCC C2Mayflower Curling Club8:00 AM2 Lee Mantha (7) vs. Daniel Parent (6)
CGCC C3Mayflower Curling Club8:00 AM1 Rod Ingram (1) vs. Joel Marcon (5)
CGCC C4Mayflower Curling Club8:00 AM6 Jan Schmitz (0) vs. Curtis Clark (8)
Draw 14
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
CGCC C5Mayflower Curling Club1:00 PM4 David McKillop (7) vs. Lee Mantha (6)
CGCC C6Mayflower Curling Club1:00 PM5 Joel Marcon (6) vs. Curtis Clark (1)
CGCC Page 1-2Mayflower Curling Club1:00 PM3 Aaron Thompson (5) vs. Joey Taylor (2)
CGCC Page 3-4Mayflower Curling Club1:00 PM2 Stephen Schneider (9) vs. Tony Weingartshofer (2)
Draw 15
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
CGCC C7Mayflower Curling Club3:15 PM3 Scott Harcourt (5) vs. David McKillop (7)
CGCC C8Mayflower Curling Club3:15 PM4 Randy Brookes (5) vs. Joel Marcon (4)

Sunday, April  28, 2013

Draw 16
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
CGCC C9Mayflower Curling Club10:00 AM5 Sylvain Bellavance (8) vs. David McKillop (2)
CGCC C10Mayflower Curling Club10:00 AM2 David Hall (6) vs. Randy Brookes (3)
CGCC SFMayflower Curling Club10:00 AM3 Joey Taylor (1) vs. Stephen Schneider (3)
Draw 17
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
CGCC 5v6Mayflower Curling Club1:00 PM3 Sylvain Bellavance (9) vs. David Hall (2)
CGCC CFMayflower Curling Club1:00 PM4 Stephen Schneider (6) vs. Aaron Thompson (5)


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