2011 Curl Atlantic Championship

Dates: 09/23/2011 - 09/26/2011
Host Club: New Brunswick


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Friday, September  23, 2011

Draw 1
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
New Brunswick8:00 AM1 Suzanne Birt  (A1) (5) vs. Sylvie Robichaud (A2) (4)
New Brunswick8:00 AM2 Sandy Comeau (A4) (2) vs. Colleen Jones (A3) (4)
New Brunswick8:00 AM3 Kelly MacIntosh (A5) (8) vs. Mary Mattatall (A6) (7)
New Brunswick8:00 AM4 Ian Juurlink (B3) (6) vs. Terry Odishaw (B4) (4)
New Brunswick8:00 AM5 James Grattan (B1) (5) vs. Mark Dacey (B2) (4)
Draw 2
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
New Brunswick12:00 PM1 Brett Gallant (D2) (4) vs. Ian Fitzner-LeBlanc (D1) (2)
New Brunswick12:00 PM2 Melissa Adams (C5) (7) vs. Marie Christianson (C6) (5)
New Brunswick12:00 PM3 Kim Dolan (C4) (3) vs. Mary-Anne Arsenault (C3) (8)
New Brunswick12:00 PM4 Heather Smith-Dacey (C1) (5) vs. Andrea Kelly (C2) (6)
New Brunswick12:00 PM5 Kent Smith (B5) (6) vs. John Luckhurst (B6) (4)
Draw 3
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
New Brunswick4:00 PM1 Peter Burgess (D5) (4) vs. Jamie Murphy (D6) (6)
New Brunswick4:00 PM2 Mary Mattatall (A6) (3) vs. Sylvie Robichaud (A2) (7)
New Brunswick4:00 PM3 Suzanne Birt  (A1) (5) vs. Sandy Comeau (A4) (2)
New Brunswick4:00 PM4 Colleen Jones (A3) (6) vs. Kelly MacIntosh (A5) (3)
New Brunswick4:00 PM5 Paul Dobson (D3) (8) vs. Colin Thomas (D4) (4)
Draw 4
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
New Brunswick8:00 PM1 John Luckhurst (B6) (5) vs. Mark Dacey (B2) (6)
New Brunswick8:00 PM2 James Grattan (B1) (6) vs. Terry Odishaw (B4) (2)
New Brunswick8:00 PM3 Ian Juurlink (B3) (7) vs. Kent Smith (B5) (5)
New Brunswick8:00 PM4 Mary-Anne Arsenault (C3) (7) vs. Melissa Adams (C5) (6)
New Brunswick8:00 PM5 Marie Christianson (C6) (4) vs. Andrea Kelly (C2) (6)

Saturday, September  24, 2011

Draw 5
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
New Brunswick8:00 AM1 Sandy Comeau (A4) (7) vs. Mary Mattatall (A6) (3)
New Brunswick8:00 AM2 Ian Fitzner-LeBlanc (D1) (6) vs. Colin Thomas (D4) (5)
New Brunswick8:00 AM3 Jamie Murphy (D6) (6) vs. Brett Gallant (D2) (7)
New Brunswick8:00 AM4 Paul Dobson (D3) (4) vs. Peter Burgess (D5) (7)
New Brunswick8:00 AM5 Heather Smith-Dacey (C1) (4) vs. Kim Dolan (C4) (6)
Draw 6
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
New Brunswick12:00 PM1 Ian Juurlink (B3) (4) vs. James Grattan (B1) (6)
New Brunswick12:00 PM2 Sylvie Robichaud (A2) (3) vs. Kelly MacIntosh (A5) (2)
New Brunswick12:00 PM3 Andrea Kelly (C2) (6) vs. Melissa Adams (C5) (5)
New Brunswick12:00 PM4 Terry Odishaw (B4) (0) vs. John Luckhurst (B6) (5)
New Brunswick12:00 PM5 Suzanne Birt  (A1) (6) vs. Colleen Jones (A3) (5)
Draw 7
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
New Brunswick4:00 PM1 Kim Dolan (C4) (5) vs. Marie Christianson (C6) (6)
New Brunswick4:00 PM2 Heather Smith-Dacey (C1) (6) vs. Mary-Anne Arsenault (C3) (7)
New Brunswick4:00 PM3 Ian Fitzner-LeBlanc (D1) (8) vs. Paul Dobson (D3) (7)
New Brunswick4:00 PM4 Mark Dacey (B2) (5) vs. Kent Smith (B5) (2)
New Brunswick4:00 PM5 Colin Thomas (D4) (5) vs. Jamie Murphy (D6) (6)
Draw 8
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
New Brunswick8:00 PM1 Kelly MacIntosh (A5) (4) vs. Suzanne Birt  (A1) (8)
New Brunswick8:00 PM2 Colleen Jones (A3) (7) vs. Mary Mattatall (A6) (6)
New Brunswick8:00 PM3 John Luckhurst (B6) (5) vs. Ian Juurlink (B3) (7)
New Brunswick8:00 PM4 Sylvie Robichaud (A2) (5) vs. Sandy Comeau (A4) (4)
New Brunswick8:00 PM5 Brett Gallant (D2) (8) vs. Peter Burgess (D5) (1)

Sunday, September  25, 2011

Draw 9
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
New Brunswick8:00 AM1 Mark Dacey (B2) (3) vs. Terry Odishaw (B4) (8)
New Brunswick8:00 AM2 Kent Smith (B5) (4) vs. James Grattan (B1) (5)
New Brunswick8:00 AM3 Mary-Anne Arsenault (C3) (7) vs. Marie Christianson (C6) (3)
New Brunswick8:00 AM4 Andrea Kelly (C2) (4) vs. Kim Dolan (C4) (5)
New Brunswick8:00 AM5 Melissa Adams (C5) (4) vs. Heather Smith-Dacey (C1) (6)
Draw 10
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
New Brunswick12:00 PM1 Colin Thomas (D4) (4) vs. Brett Gallant (D2) (5)
New Brunswick12:00 PM2 Jamie Murphy (D6) (5) vs. Paul Dobson (D3) (3)
New Brunswick12:00 PM3 Sylvie Robichaud (A2) (3) vs. Colleen Jones (A3) (5)
New Brunswick12:00 PM4 Peter Burgess (D5) (6) vs. Ian Fitzner-LeBlanc (D1) (1)
New Brunswick12:00 PM5 Sandy Comeau (A4) (4) vs. Kelly MacIntosh (A5) (6)
Draw 11
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
New Brunswick4:00 PM1 Andrea Kelly (C2) (6) vs. Mary-Anne Arsenault (C3) (7)
New Brunswick4:00 PM2 Mark Dacey (B2) (6) vs. Ian Juurlink (B3) (7)
New Brunswick4:00 PM3 James Grattan (B1) (11) vs. John Luckhurst (B6) (2)
New Brunswick4:00 PM4 Mary Mattatall (A6) (3) vs. Suzanne Birt  (A1) (7)
New Brunswick4:00 PM5 Terry Odishaw (B4) (9) vs. Kent Smith (B5) (3)
Draw 12
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
New Brunswick8:00 PM1 Marie Christianson (C6) (3) vs. Heather Smith-Dacey (C1) (8)
New Brunswick8:00 PM2 Kim Dolan (C4) (2) vs. Melissa Adams (C5) (8)
New Brunswick8:00 PM3 Colin Thomas (D4) (0) vs. Peter Burgess (D5) (7)
New Brunswick8:00 PM4 Brett Gallant (D2) (3) vs. Paul Dobson (D3) (6)
New Brunswick8:00 PM5 Jamie Murphy (D6) (7) vs. Ian Fitzner-LeBlanc (D1) (4)

Monday, September  26, 2011

Draw 13
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
MSF1New Brunswick9:00 AM1 Ian Juurlink (B3) (4) vs. Brett Gallant (D2) (6)
MSF2New Brunswick9:00 AM2 Jamie Murphy (D6) (7) vs. James Grattan (B1) (10)
WSF1New Brunswick9:00 AM4 Colleen Jones (A3) (7) vs. Mary-Anne Arsenault (C3) (4)
WSF2New Brunswick9:00 AM5 Suzanne Birt  (A1) (6) vs. Andrea Kelly (C2) (2)
Draw 14
Game #ClubTimeSheetTeams & ScoresVideo
MFNew Brunswick1:00 PM2 James Grattan (B1) (8) vs. Brett Gallant (D2) (5)
WFNew Brunswick1:00 PM4 Suzanne Birt  (A1) (5) vs. Colleen Jones (A3) (4)


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